"Professionals built the Titanic, volunteers built Noah’s Ark" - Rewarding engagement in Bristol


Bristol hosted its very first Volunteer Award Ceremony rewarding volunteers in the city working with young migrants and refugees (between 16-25 years old). After an exchange visit in Nuremberg, in the framework of our EU co-funded project VALUES, Bristol was inspired by Nuremberg’s monthly award ceremony for volunteering which they attended.
Rewarding engagement, hence recognising the important work of volunteers, was a great learning point of this visit that Bristol decided to bring back home. Last March, in the framework of Can Do Bristol inclusion and diversity festival, revolving around volunteers, Bristol city council awarded winners in four categories: Young volunteer of the year (age 16-25); Longest serving volunteer; Volunteer with lived experience; Volunteer who had the biggest impact. Young people who have received some form of volunteer support helped run the event, while representatives from the city and the volunteering sector of Nuremberg were also present.
As 2020 is Bristol’s year of volunteering, we are seeing Can Do Bristol broaden its scope and lead a huge volunteer recruitment drive to help with COVID-19. More info on Bristol’s responses to COVID-19 here