What is Integrating Cities?

The Integrating Cities process was launched in Rotterdam in 2006 and is a partnership between EUROCITIES and the European Commission to promote local level implementation of the Common Basic Principles on Integration. It is based on a conference series and a programme of work led by EUROCITIES in close cooperation with the European Commission.   

Commitment to this process was reconfirmed through the 2007 Milan Declaration and developed further through the INTI-CITIES and DIVE projects. This process was further endorsed by the launch in 2010 of the EUROCITIES Charter on Integrating Cities which sets out cities’ commitment to integration of migrants.

The delivery of this Charter, through peer reviews and benchmarking, has been the main objective of the MIXITIES project which was implemented with support from the European Integration Fund.  

On this website, you will find information on the established policy dialogue between EUROCITIES and the European Commission through the INTEGRATING CITIES Conference series, the EUROCITIES Charter on Integrating Cities and EU-funded projects INTI-CITIES, DIVE, MIXITIES as well as initiatives from EUROCITIES' Working Group on Migration and Integration.




Ana Feder
Policy Advisor
Phone: +32 2 552 08 52
Email: ana.feder@eurocities.eu

Thomas Jézéquel
Project Coordinator
Phone: +32 2 552 08 64
Email: thomas.jezequel@eurocities.eu